where you were young (outtakes)

by Alec Betterley

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released April 1, 2012



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Track Name: red fields
did you spraypaint all her highway hells
on dirt mounds where'd your crutches fell for she?
surround the mobile home infarmiries
with lawns green, bring your boys or let them be

i've got some bones and some magazines
some broken heart baby ropes and spokes and seams
for all the marble pillars rolled and thin
withdrawn you the curtains you've hidden in

into the streets
to fields they bleed not forgive you
and to the seeds
to fields they lead
they've left for you

their ghosts riding round your junkyard dives
sparrow machines for your plastic brides and me
leaves all green or are they black and frayed
the rains running round your marching band parade

construct cabins by a river's edge
left you alone amongst the rosaries you pledged
i lie in sheets then i wake and wean
from you kissed inside a bombshell dream and then

the speed limits for your engines fade
your finest suit and your mother's lace decayed
a schoolboy bathe in a washing pan
tore the shingles and recoiled his little hands
Track Name: the carriers
they ride their sleighs in the pink little prairies
they left their message, it's hidden for me
don't you cry, find a place to bury all the
lightness and the half-dollar wagons in the weeds

did you never know
did you know that she
that she find her resting place
a long long way from here?

i've got you locked
i've got you buried
send you to the cheap houses sagging slowly
got you flown
for you and me they carry
all their letters dusk-dark
over bridges to the sea